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Lost Card Replacement Instructions

To request replacement cards and remit payment, please use the following form and fax, email, or mail to Leslie Singleton.

Lost Card Request Form

  1. Outreach Trainer’s name and ID#
  2. Trainer’s mailing address
  3. The type of card:  10 / 30 Construction,
    General Industry, Maritime
  4. Name of student requesting replacement card
  5. Date of student’s original training

Replacement Card policy

Certificate Replacement Request

From the U.S. Department of Labor,

NEW! 2013 OSHA Training Program Requirements


The Directorate of Training and Education (DTE) has recently revised the “Introduction to OSHA” training materials for the 10- and 30-hour Outreach Training Program classes. The materials were revised to incorporate the recent changes to the Hazard Communication Standard to align with the Global Harmonization System (GHS). The revised materials include

• Introduction to OSHA Instructor Guide – Replaced references to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) with Safety Data Sheets (SDS) including Table of Contents, Appendix A1, C1, and D1
• Introduction to OSHA Power Points – Replaced slides 13, 14, 22, and 39 to reflect Safety Data Sheets
• Safety Data Sheet (SDS) handout replaces Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

The revised training materials are located on the OSHA Web site at http://www.osha.gov/dte/outreach/teachingaids.html.

Implementation and use of the updated Hazard Communication/GHS materials in the Intro to OSHA is expected to occur immediately.

Summary of Key Changes:
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Program requirements [for all trainers]
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OSHA Outreach Training Program website:

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Mandatory 2 Hour Introduction to OSHA

NEW Focus Four Modules and Video Introduction

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Email OTIEC Region 1 Outreach Trainer Coordinator

(Leslie Singleton) or oshaed@keene.edu

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Supplemental Training Aids:

Susan Harwood Training Grant Materials: http://www.osha.gov/dte/grant_materials/index.html

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